UMUC transcript request on behalf of LSAC for University of Hawaii, Richardson School of Law – Law degree Fall 2015

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Hello UMUC, University of Hawaii,  Richardson School of Law, IRS Treasury, and Danish Institute for Study Abroad,

I am sending this transcript request form because I am applying to University of Hawaii Law School and would like them to receive my UMUC transcripts, with the clearance of any financial obligations I may have, after a summer class at the Denmark Institute Study Abroad for a Tall Ship Sailing class (that includes a study in Danish cuisine,
I would like to finish my Accounting certificate with UMUC by 2019, however, it doesn’t look like the International Emergency Management degree is working out (due to its discontinuation) and the fact that I have been terrorized by fellow UMUC alumni from Schwaebisch Gmuend, Germany,  since I enrolled as a Graduate student in Fall of 2014. I also have been experiencing a PLETHORA of retaliation attacks due to working as a counterterrorist agent on a completely different front. I am in the process of straightening out my ID Card and passport as a result of coming out of this mess and I know my identity has been compromised at UMUC.
Also, I would like to say that I invented the internet and computer/communications devices (the computer, tablets, smartphones, software and significant space program equipment, etc) on behalf of the military while working as a counterterrorist agent and spy on behalf of the United States of America as well, as an international recovery/re-claim agent recruited by CIA in 1980 around the age of 2. I am a world-renowned inventor and fashion designer. My identity has been compromised by impersonators throughout my lifetime beginning with fellow students from Springfield Elementary School in Springfield, VA in 1985 who represented me to President Ronald Reagan on a New Jersey tour. I am published in the Springfield Times, Tribune News, the Washington Post and the Springfield Journal for being a community hero and crime fighter.
Because I have experienced retaliation terrorism throughout my life, I would like to request support for the purpose of moving on with my life. I am now in my later years, (30’s) and I would like to enjoy my life as a private person and not a semi-public classified counterterrorist agent. It is highly violent! What a horrible position!
My fame is not famous yet and the ongoing stalking I am experiencing is extremely violent…. Russian terrorists… Russian spies… Israeli terrorists… Israeli spies…. Venuezaleuan spies…. some of home I went to UMUC with and some of whom I have lived in houses with. I am now in California, building my estate in Oregon – headquarters of TheSojourners, the world’s TOP security agency – and I would appreciate UMUC supporting me as the inventor and patriot that I am.
Moving on to DIS (Denmark) for the Summer, Hawaii for Law school ( and Klamath Falls, Oregon for permanent residence. I hope to complete my Accounting certificate through UMUC by 2019.
Thanks for reading!
I would like to obtain a new Military ID card – my old has had massive fraud committed against it since, I was never Noel David Gibeson’s biological daughter or dependent, in fact, I convicted him as a terrorist while working as a counterterrorist agent in Springfield, VA and he has committed financial and real estate fraud against it – along with his ex-wife and her family, Carol Lynn Fitzpatrick (never my mother or legal guardian)-  subduing my financial standing, ability to access my finances and holdings.
I counted on the CIA and Secret Service to back me up and keep my back office straight, as we have been working together daily, and they were fine with me working as a spy while living in residence with Noel Gibeson and Carol Lynn Fitzpatrick as “their daughter”. However, my safety, identity and financial holdings are being erased by a gross overseer of lack of security and terrorism against me. I am tired of being washed over by this and am ready to come up.
Looking for a new military ID and Passport with my name change 22 Unicorn. Going to Denmark immediately, for the summer and then hopefully enrolling as a Law student at the University of Hawaii, Richardson School of Law this Fall 2015. I have found that it is IMPOSSIBLE to get letters of reference due to the retaliation terrorism that I have experienced. Looking for two letters of recommendation, actually……. for the Univ. of Hawaii, Richardson School of Law. Any advice for a deep undercover spy ready to come up and looking for letters of reference? Everyone I have ever encountered is part of the cult or a terrorist……
I just found out fellow students from Springfield Elementary in Springfield, VA have been blacklisting me from mainstream news at the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, LA/San Diego Times (we were in the Gifted & Talented program together). They have been practicing occult magic and have been impersonating me to President Ronald Reagan and other presidents since then, while working with the Navy and VA/NJ/DC/CA police departments.
My skull is currently cracked and I can’t get any emergency health care here in Riverside County, CA (half between L.A. and San Diego) …. I am in a dangerous coma & potentially soon-to-be paralyzed condition due to the gross lack of basic support from social services like federal, state, and health as a result of massive retaliation terrorism. I have Russian trained parasites and mold in my body and the area has been hit with bioterrorism…… which I reported to the American Red Cross and the Department of Health. It is GROSSLY apparent that residents of VA, DC, MD, NJ, NY, WA, NV, CA and Germany where I attended UMUC, are in a massive retaliation attack against me – and I can only wonder if its on behalf of Russia and Israel? The countries that Noel David Gibeson and his ex-wife Carol Lynn Fitzpatrick work for as American terrorists who have been claiming me as a dependent and posing as my parents?
I know I have trillions of dollars in my bank account and I’d like the Federal Government to pay for my UMUC classes and provide $80,000 in travel pay, as I move to Denmark and then Hawaii.
I am an Executive Line-1 Counterterrorist agent.
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Interview: The Brian Jonestown Massacre

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Great update!

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Anton Newcombe - Photo courtesy of Anton Newcombe Anton Newcombe – Photo courtesy of Anton Newcombe

As Anton Newcombe approaches two and a half decades of musical creation, the difference between him, his predecessors, and his contemporaries couldn’t be clearer – he is a juggernaut of the music world. There are very few musicians in the halls of time who can boast a discography as extensive or as absolute as The Brian Jonestown Massacre — even fewer still living, and perhaps none at all who remain just as dynamic, principled in their music, and honest with their freshest breath.

With Newcombe at the helm, BJM has hitherto released 14 albums and a whole bag of EPs, and tirelessly played concerts all over the world, though most notably all this has been accomplished outside of the mainstream record label paradigm. Here is a band that has put out so many records that it is as challenging to enumerate them all as it is…

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New business

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